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Thoney Guestimate 5K

Thoney Guestimate 5K

Page created: 20 July 2017 by Richard Coles

Thorney Running Club Guestimate 5K.

This is open to all Thorney Running Club members or to the people who have completed this years C25K course.

This will be the first time of attempting this idea.

Location: Greenwheel off stonald Road

Time: 7pm start please arrive earlier if possible to help sign you up.

Format: On arrival you tell the admin team how long you think it’ll take you to run a 5k.

Then without any form of recording your race so no watches apps or technology at all you go and race.

Then once ready all members start off running. On completing the course your time will be registered and the winner of the evening will be who ever is closest to there estimated time. Not the first one over the line.